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Bathroom Trends 2018 from Orange County Bathroom Contractor

Thinking of a new bathroom this year? Inspired Remodels, an Orange County bathroom contractor shares these design trends. Incorporate one or all when you update your bathroom.


Vessel sinks have gone from avant garde to mainstream. In 2018, they will continue to be popular. Think vessel sinks are a very modern design? Wrong! Vessel sinks are really a classic. They harken back to the days before indoor plumbing. In those days you took your water from a well and brought it indoors in a bucket. Water went from the bucket to a pitcher and then to the bedroom where it was poured into a giant bowl.  Today’s vessel sinks look like those bowls.

bathroom contractor creates a stunning bath

This vessel sink uses one color inside the sink and another color outside the sink to double your decorating palette.

Undermount sinks are hot in bathrooms and kitchens. Not only do they provide clean, crisp lines; they are easy to clean as well. Because there is no lip between the counter top and sink, there is no place for soap scum or bits of hair to hide.

Install undermount sinks with granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete solid surface counters. Tile counters are not well suited for undermount sinks. The grout doesn’t provide the structural integrity necessary to hold the sink in place.

Integrated sinks also provide the clean lines and simple look that continues to be popular in 2018. Simplicity is a key to achieving a spa-like experience. Integrated sinks are a perfect choice for a spa bath.

The smooth lines of the counter and sink are accentuated by utilitarian shape of the faucet and the clean lines of the cabinetry. The zen of the sink area is a perfect foil to the bold design on the floor. Nice!


Tile continues to be popular in 2018. But tile is taking on a new look. Pebble look tile is popular. But, pebble tile can cause problems.Pebble tile seat


Because pebbles aren’t smooth and they aren’t symmetrical, installing them is a challenge. In addition, the rough surface isn’t kind to we feet, gathers soap scum, and is hard to clean. They usually come in 12 x 12 grids. Because the grids aren’t exact sizes, lots of grout must be used to fill in the gaps between the squares. These are all problems with pebble tile. But, Inspired Remodels has a reputation as the bathroom contractor that solves problems and they offer a stunning solution. Sliced stone! As you can see above, the sliced stone tiles give you the pebble look you want without the hassle of pebble tiles. The top surface is smooth. That’s kind to wet feet. It also won’t trap soap scum any more than a traditional floor tile. The multi-color look gives you just enough color variation to hide the grout grid.

Wood-look tile will gain popularity. It’s going to be the hottest trend for bathrooms.

Wood is essential for a spa-like bathroom. You need the warmth of wood, but wood isn’t well-suited for wet areas. Wood-look tile solves the problem. Some wood tiles are even finished with faux texture to stimulate the grain. You get the warmth of wood and the practicality of tile. What will tile designers think of next?

Inspired Remodels  – Orange County’s Inspired Bathroom Contractor

Whether you want the hottest trends or classic looks, Inspired Remodels is the bathroom contractor in Orange County to do the job.  Jason and Joe Mueller will design the bathroom of your dreams and then execute the design perfectly. If you aren’t sure what you want or feel overwhelmed by the choices to be made, don’t panic. Inspired Remodels will listen to you, understand how you want to use the space, consider your budget and then design and build a bathroom that meets your needs.

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Shower Remodeling Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your shower remodeling project? Pinterest is great for gathering ideas. But, it doesn’t hurt to get a little inspiration from experts at bathroom remodeling. Inspired Remodels turns remodeling dreams into reality. Here’s a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Tuck It Away

Storage is always a problem in any niche added in shower remodeling projectsmall room. It poses a real problem in a small bathroom. Use the space in the shower to add storage. Niches are nifty. Niches keep personal grooming products where you need them; in the shower at your fingertips!

Niches are a great opportunity to add flair to the shower too. That’s why your shower remodeling project should include niches. Use contrasting tile in the niche or continue the existing tile pattern. The choice is yours.

The depth of the niche should be 3 1/2 inches. This corresponds with the size of the underlying studs. The length of the niche can be 12 inches to also correspond to the studs. Niche height varies. If you put your niche from 48″ to 60″ from the shower floor, it will be a handy height for most people.


Wonderful Windows

window and niche in shower remodeling projectDon’t be afraid of windows in the shower. Windows provide ventilation. In addition, they bring in additional light. Light is always important to making a small space look larger. A window may be just what your shower remodeling project needs to make the room light and bright. Set the top of the windows 80″ from the shower floor. Frosted glass provides privacy while still letting light in the room.

Seat or Bench

Include a seat or bench in your shower. It’s handy for shaving and makes showering for the elderly or disabled much safer and easier. It’s a perch for enjoying a handheld shower and doubles as extra storage area. 

Put your bench in a corner or on the wall opposite of the showerhead. Tile it with contrasting or complementing surfaces. A shower seat or bench is another way to express your decorating style in your shower remodel while adding utility.

Shower Remodeling Experts

When it’s time to update the bathroom, it’s time to call Inspired Remodels. Spend some time with our portfolio of bathroom remodeling projects.  You’re sure to find inspiration. We are design/build remodeling professionals. From the initial design to the finished room, Inspired Remodels takes care of all aspects of your project.  Call (949) 625-6820 to schedule your consultation today.


Custom Cabinets Express Your Style

In the kitchen, in the bathroom or in any room of the house, a critical component is the cabinetry. Only custom cabinets give you the widest variety of finishes, doors and hardware that can add subtle beauty or dazzling color. Custom cabinetry gives you the freedom to express your style and Inspired Remodels can turn your dreams into reality.

custom cabinets make best use of kitchen space

                                                  Custom Cabinets Maximize Space

Waypoint, KitchenCraft and Decora Custom Cabinets

These days you don’t need a carpenter to build your custom cabinets on-site. That means custom cabinetry is more affordable than ever before. Major brands such as KitchenCraft, Decora and Waypoint build your cabinetry off-site and then deliver it ready to install.

Whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room your custom cabinets offer more storage solutions than you will find at the big box home improvement stores. Just imagine a room where beauty and function are fused to perfection! Deep roll out trays and base waste basket units keep kitchens and baths organized and clutter-free. Scalloped deep roll out trays and tilt out trays store toiletries and personal care items out of sight, but never more than a fingertip away. Wine storage inserts store wine in the kitchen but are perfect for storing towels in the bathroom. You get the picture!  And if you don’t, a designer from Inspired Remodels can help you with a custom cabinet design that fits your needs and your budget. From Shaker to Farmhouse or Modern or French, there is a cabinet style and finish that expresses your personal style.

Why Custom Cabinets are Better than Stock

If you need special depth or height cabinets, you need custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are prebuilt in standard sizes. Custom cabinetry is only built once the order is placed. This gives you total freedom to get the cabinets you need to fit your space perfectly. You need custom cabinetry if you need:

  • flush toespace
  • matching interior finish
  • extended stiles
  • increased or decreased depth
  • increased or decreased height

In addition, when you go custom you get a greater variety of wood stock, doors, finishes and trims. Stock cabinets aren’t designed to last but a few years; many are made from particle board. Custom cabinets are made from quality materials and will last for many years. Using custom instead of stock just makes sense for your kitchen remodel.

Inspired Cabinetry from Inspired Remodels

When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, bath, laundry room, living space or bathroom contact Inspired Remodels. Our designers will sit down with you to create a new space with the cabinets, finishes, and features you will love for years to come. You’ll get a design that makes the most efficient use of the space. Then, you’ll get execution by skilled professionals that understand and respect that their work space is your home. Jason and Joe Mueller will be more than happy to answer your questions about the design and renovation process.

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