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3 Things the Kitchen Remodel Company Knows that You Don’t

Thinking of updating your kitchen this year? You can spend hours on Instagram and create tens of Pinterest idea boards, but there are a few things that the kitchen remodel company knows that you don’t.  That’s until now. Because we are spilling the beans.

Open Storage

Ever wonder why you see open shelving in light colored kitchens? It’s because the kitchen remodel company knows that the fastest way to make a small space look larger is to use open shelving and light colors.  Open shelves open the space up. You think they are there to provide a space to showcase your prettiest dishes and stemware. Your kitchen remodel company knows they are there to trick the eye into perceiving space that isn’t there.

Open shelving is also a popular trick because it is timeless. It can be used in almost any style kitchen. It just works, from country to contemporary.

kitchen remodel company combines open storage and light color to make small room look large

Glass front shelves on both sides of the range and white cabinets make this kitchen look much larger than it is. The unfiltered light from sink windows also tricks the eye into seeing space that isn’t there.  Whether you use glass doors or open shelves,  open storage makes a room look bigger.

Quartz Counter Tops are Awesome

Quartz counters are gaining on granite. It seems like every American wants granite in the kitchen, but the kitchen remodel company knows quartz is superior to granite in many ways.

First, quartz is easier to work with. You don’t have to worry about imperfections in the stone or matching the stone.  Second, its much easier to hide the seams on a quartz counter top. Your contractor also knows that granite can emit radon gas. Quartz does not.

The contractor also knows that years after they finish the job, the homeowner will still be happy with the quartz. It doesn’t need sealing, is impervious to stains, cleans easier, and is overall easier to maintain. In the long run, granite costs more in maintenance than quartz. You may love and yearn for granite, but your kitchen contractor knows quartz may be a better choice.

Good Design Makes a Good Kitchen

You can spend tens of thousands of dollars and end up with a bad kitchen if you didn’t start with a good design. No matter how exquisite the finishes or fabulous the fridge, if the design is bad the kitchen isn’t functional. A good kitchen remodel company knows that a functional kitchen has 3 work areas:

  • food prep
  • cooking
  • clean up

Each area should have room to store the things you need to perform each task. In addition, the sink, cook area, and refrigerator should be placed in a triangle. This minimizes the steps you take when cooking.

kitchen remodel company places sink, stove, and fridge in a triangle for efficient work space

               The Kitchen Triangle

A good kitchen cooks as well as it looks. It’s easy to clean up afterwards as well. That means plenty of storage and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Pick Your Kitchen Remodel Company Wisely

The maxim is true, one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. Horror stories abound about kitchen remodeling projects gone bad. Contractors abandon jobs, leaving exposed pipes or wires dangling. You must pick your kitchen remodel company wisely.

Jason and Joe Mueller of Inspired Remodels can say “trust us.” But you need to listen to what their customers say.

Joe and Jason are easygoing, smart, and calm under pressure. They made intelligent suggestions, entertained and quelled our process concerns, and managed our entire project with thoughtful attention to detail. – Dan, Foothill Ranch

Joe, Jason and team have been great. Any problems that came up they took care of for us. It is so nice to work with a company with such integrity. – Justin, San Juan Capistrano

When it comes time to pick your kitchen remodel company, call Inspired Remodels. You’ll get personal service and all the information you need to make informed decisions about your new kitchen.  Call (949) 625-6820 or Contact Us today for an appointment.


Kitchen Remodeling Services Company Creates Kitchens for Entertaining

Do you love to entertain but feel your kitchen is the biggest obstacle to a successful gathering? Don’t let your kitchen stand in the way of a great party.
Inspired Remodels, the premier Orange County kitchen remodeling services company, has some great tips for creating a kitchen that is ready to party when you are.

Open that Kitchen

Let’s face it, these days people want to gather in the kitchen. After all, that’s where the tasty food and beverages originate.  So, take out walls and break down barriers between rooms. An open floor plan isn’t open if it doesn’t include the kitchen.

kitchen remodeling services company creates open designsEven this small kitchen in a condo benefits from an open design. Notice that the kitchen is not only open to the adjoining rooms, but it opens to the outside as well. The pass through window allows easy movement of food, beverages, and dishes between the kitchen. What a great way to save some steps.

This open design literally opens into the patio area. When the French doors are opened, the kitchen becomes part of the patio and the patio becomes part of the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen remodeling services, it’s clear to see that Inspired Remodels thinks out of the box.

Include seating

If everyone naturally gravitates to the kitchen, they need a place to sit. Incorporate plenty of seating in your design. Keep the seating out of the work area, but close enough for conversation. The kitchen island is the modern kitchen table.

This kitchen include seating for four at the island. But wait, there’s more. A conversation nook includes two armless upholstered chairs. That makes this small space perfect for entertaining.

Every inch of space is put to use in this small kitchen. Abundant work surfaces leave the island open for guests to enjoy food or beverages while you enjoy their company.

Incorporate Storage

Entertaining supplies need space too. Make sure you include plenty of easily accessible storage for party ware. Because it’s a pain to run to another room for entertaining items like punch bowls or serving platters.

kitchen remodeling services company includes drawers for storageNotice the use of Shaker-style drawers in this design? Drawers are perfect for storing linens, paper plates, napkins and disposable cups.  No running to another closet or out to the garage to grab your entertaining supplies. Drawers with inserts let you check inventory at a glance.

Notice how the beverage space is maximized when storage is incorporated? There’s one display cabinet and four other sets of cabinets to store entertaining supplies. Smart designs like this are just another reason Inspired Remodels is an Orange County favorite for design and build kitchen remodeling services.

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services – No Matter How You Use Your Kitchen

Not everybody entertains. If the most important space in your kitchen is where you microwave your TV dinner, Inspired Remodels can create a kitchen for you too. Sit down with the experts and discuss how you use your kitchen. You’ll be glad you did. Function and beauty are the pillars of any great kitchen design. Call (949) 625-6820 and schedule your consultation today.

Kitchen Contractor Shares Signs of a Cook’s Kitchen

It’s almost Thanksgiving and cooks around the country will be heading to the kitchen to prepare the annual feast. A cook’s kitchen is a workspace. Whether it’s a small galley or a spacious open area, it’s a studio for an artist and the medium is food. A kitchen that’s designed for cooking maximizes the space available and is built with efficiency in mind. As you work in your kitchen this holiday season, evaluate your space and see if your kitchen is a cook’s kitchen. According to Inspired Remodels, an Orange County kitchen contractor, these are the signs of a cook’s kitchen.

custom cabinets make best use of kitchen space

Don’t Waste Steps

Think about how the space will be used and design accordingly. The cook can grab a quick drink of water when drinking glasses are stored in cabinets next to the sink. Bakers shouldn’t have to walk across the kitchen for a sheet pan or baking tray. Provide storage for these items next to the oven. Install cabinets for dishware and flatware close to the eating area to make setting the table easy or close to the dishwasher to make unloading and stowing easier. Hang a magnetic strip next to the main workspace and store knives safely. Hanging your knives will help keep them sharp.  Of course, the kitchen work triangle is still the base upon which all efficient kitchen designs are built.

a savvy kitchen contractor knows to incorporate pull out step stools in their designUse the Right Height

A cook’s kitchen takes into account the height of the cook. No, we’re not suggesting that the countertops, cabinets, and microwave be custom built to the exact height of the cook. But, if the cook isn’t the average size, the kitchen shouldn’t be either. Raising or lowering countertops will make it much easier for an extremely tall or short person to work in the kitchen. Also, keep in mind if kid’s will be using the kitchen on a regular basis.  A microwave that’s installed the standard 15 inches above countertop may not be safe for use by kids. A below countertop model make much more sense if kids are regular cooks in the kitchen. A step-stool built into the toeplate of a cabinet is a great way to get kids up to countertop height.

Functional Islands

An island in the kitchen can provide extra workspace and a place to eat. But a skilled kitchen contractor knows it shouldn’t do both. Decide whether you want the primary purpose of the island be to additional eating space or working space. You should not place seating at an island with a cooktop.

kitchen remodel planner tool creates workable design


Cooks need a place to work. That means more counter space. Most cooks want this extra space to be between the cooktop/oven and the sink. Occasional cooks who prepare simple meals don’t want or need as much counter space on which to work. An island without a cooktop can double as workspace and eating space if positioned properly in the work triangle.

Use Cleanable Surfaces

A cook’s mess doesn’t linger. Cooks want surfaces that are easy to clean. Undermount sinks don’t provide a place for crumbs to hide.  Smudge-free surfaces on appliances hide fingerprints and matte surfaces don’t show grime as much as glossy ones. Matte surfaces are great for floors. Quartz is an easier care surface than granite and concrete resists heat damage. Solid shelves in the pantry and refrigerator are easier to clean and help keep spills contained.

Let the Light In

Use task lighting to enhance overhead lighting. Light colors make spaces appear larger and dark colors shrink space. Soft shades for the cabinetry visually expands a small room. Shaker and French farm house looks are popular because they can make even the darkest corner look light and bright.

Inspired Remodels – the Kitchen Contractor that Knows Cooking

When you are ready to step up your game and create a kitchen for cooking, contact Inspired Remodels. Inspired Remodels is the kitchen contractor that knows cooking. From designs that combine function and beauty to making the most of the room you have, Jason and Joe Mueller can create the kitchen of your dreams. When you’re ready to start cooking, call Inspired Remodels at (949) 625-6820 to schedule your consultation.






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