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Custom Cabinets Express Your Style

In the kitchen, in the bathroom or in any room of the house, a critical component is the cabinetry. Only custom cabinets give you the widest variety of finishes, doors and hardware that can add subtle beauty or dazzling color. Custom cabinetry gives you the freedom to express your style and Inspired Remodels can turn your dreams into reality.

custom cabinets make best use of kitchen space

                                                  Custom Cabinets Maximize Space

Waypoint, KitchenCraft and Decora Custom Cabinets

These days you don’t need a carpenter to build your custom cabinets on-site. That means custom cabinetry is more affordable than ever before. Major brands such as KitchenCraft, Decora and Waypoint build your cabinetry off-site and then deliver it ready to install.

Whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room your custom cabinets offer more storage solutions than you will find at the big box home improvement stores. Just imagine a room where beauty and function are fused to perfection! Deep roll out trays and base waste basket units keep kitchens and baths organized and clutter-free. Scalloped deep roll out trays and tilt out trays store toiletries and personal care items out of sight, but never more than a fingertip away. Wine storage inserts store wine in the kitchen but are perfect for storing towels in the bathroom. You get the picture!  And if you don’t, a designer from Inspired Remodels can help you with a custom cabinet design that fits your needs and your budget. From Shaker to Farmhouse or Modern or French, there is a cabinet style and finish that expresses your personal style.

Why Custom Cabinets are Better than Stock

If you need special depth or height cabinets, you need custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are prebuilt in standard sizes. Custom cabinetry is only built once the order is placed. This gives you total freedom to get the cabinets you need to fit your space perfectly. You need custom cabinetry if you need:

  • flush toespace
  • matching interior finish
  • extended stiles
  • increased or decreased depth
  • increased or decreased height

In addition, when you go custom you get a greater variety of wood stock, doors, finishes and trims. Stock cabinets aren’t designed to last but a few years; many are made from particle board. Custom cabinets are made from quality materials and will last for many years. Using custom instead of stock just makes sense for your kitchen remodel.

Inspired Cabinetry from Inspired Remodels

When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, bath, laundry room, living space or bathroom contact Inspired Remodels. Our designers will sit down with you to create a new space with the cabinets, finishes, and features you will love for years to come. You’ll get a design that makes the most efficient use of the space. Then, you’ll get execution by skilled professionals that understand and respect that their work space is your home. Jason and Joe Mueller will be more than happy to answer your questions about the design and renovation process.

Call (949) 625-6820 or use the handy on-line Contact Form to schedule your appointment today.



Is Granite Gone from the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Scene?

Granite has been a foundational finish in kitchen and bathroom remodeling since the late 1980’s. Once considered a must have material in any upscale project, not only has it gone mainstream; it’s heyday may be over.  Nobody will argue that marble isn’t beautiful. But as many homeowners have learned over the years, it is maintenance intensive.  Marble has also been proven to emit radon gas. That’s just a few of the reasons that materials that provide the same clean look are taking the place of marble.

kitchen and bathroom remodeling using engineered stone surfacesEngineered Stone

When you hear the term “engineered stone” you may think of cultured marble or Corian. Those while those are both are engineered stone surfaces  (“Corian” is actually a registered trademark of DuPont, not a real stone) they are not the only engineered stone materials made. The “quartz” countertops that are gaining popularity are actually engineered stone. Engineered quartz to be exact.

Engineered quartz is manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes. It is made by mixing ground quartz with polymers,  resins and pigments. The resulting material is as strong as stone, but much easier to maintain. Because it is man made, the pigments are mixed equally making for a more consistent product. 

You can use engineered quartz or any engineered stone product in your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project without worrying about matching slabs of stone. The look is consistent and seams are almost invisible.

It provides a hygienic surface because it is not porous. That’s important in a kitchen where food  is prepared and bathrooms that are exposed to bodily fluids. Engineered stones are tough, stain and scratch resistant and available in a dizzying array of finishes.

Concrete Countertops

Just as stained concrete is gaining in popularity as a floor finish, stained concrete is a rising star for kitchen and bathroom counters. Concrete can be surfaced in any color or pattern you can imagine.  There are concrete overlays that are indistinguishable from tile. All without the hassle of cleaning the grout.

Just look as this countertop.

Does this look like concrete to you?  Of course not, but it is. The surface has been highly polished to give that shine. Pigments were added to the concrete so the color and finish is now an integral part of the construction.

Because it is concrete, it was easily formed into the circular shape. That’s not a design that is easy to bring to life working with granite or stone, but because concrete is poured and shaped, anything is possible.


Inspired Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling from Inspired RemodelsInspired Logo

Whether you want granite, engineered stone, concrete, tile or wood in your next project, Inspired Remodels can make it happen.  We make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.  Call (949) 625- 6820 today and schedule your consultation.



Is the Era of Stainless Steel Over? See What this Kitchen Remodeler Has to Say

Stainless steel and granite have been the hallmarks of high-end kitchens every since home improvement shows came to TV. Turn on the tube and you would think that stainless steel has always been the most popular finish in the kitchen and will always be the most popular. But appliance finishes have trends, and one Orange County kitchen remodeler sees new trends on the horizon.

Custom panel appliances

Custom panel appliances wrap your appliances in the warmth of wood. Appliances disappear until called into action.

cabinets by Decora hide appliances

These custom cabinets by Decora show how the same maple cabinets can be finished in a variety of ways. They don’t show the appliances. Can you see the refrigerator in this picture?

kitchen remodeler uses appliance panels to hide refrigeratorHere it is! The Lunar Twilight and Cobblestone finishes combine to give the custom cabinetry a furniture look. The appliance panel completely camouflages the refrigerator. Decora isn’t the only brand offering appliance covers. Kitchen Craft makes appliance panels for dishwashers and refrigerators and Inspired Remodels installs them beautifully.

The upscale kitchen of today looks less like a repository of metal and more like the home of warm woods. With the move to open concept homes where kitchens flow into living areas, it only makes sense to craft kitchens with clean looks. Appliance panels do the job.

Warm color appliances

Miele, one of the world leaders in appliance innovation introduced the Truffle Brown appliance to blend into warm wood tones.  The Truffle Brown brings Euro sensibility to California’s kitchens. The simple but sleek floating handle is still stainless steel, but the rest is a sleek, smudge-proof surface.

       Miele Truffle Brown Oven

You may not think this truffle brown color is swoon-worthy when you see it on the white background of this blog. Instead of truffle,you may think cold coffee.

But when you take this warm, truffle brown color and pair it with rich wood you get an amazing look.

Ovens, warming drawer and built in coffee machine in Truffle Brown provide the clean lines called for in this open concept design.

Just imagine how that would look in stainless steel.


One kitchen remodeler for any look

Whether you dream of stainless and granite or a more trendy kitchen, Inspired Remodels is the kitchen remodeler that will turn those dreams into reality.

Inspired Remodels will sit down with you and assess the space available and talk to you about how you use your kitchen. Cooking and entertaining patterns will be considered. Inspired Remodels is more than just a kitchen remodeler; they are kitchen designers. They see what’s possible where others just see the impossible.

Call (949) 625-6820 to schedule a consultation with Inspired Remodels today.


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