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Orange County Flooring Contractor Talks Flooring Trends 2017

Flooring trends don’t move at the speed of other interior design trends. But flooring does have trends. Inspired Remodels, Orange County’s go-to flooring contractor shares current flooring trends and a peek to the future.

What’s Hot

Orange County still loves hard surface flooring. It’s perfect for our active lifestyles. So, don’t expect to read about carpet here. But trends in hard flooring are changing.

flooring contractor uses wood-look tiles in bathroomWood Look Floors

First there was tile, then there was wood. The hottest trend in flooring is tile that looks like wood. You get the durability of porcelain and the beauty of wood. Wood look tile is easy care and comes in a wide variety of colors, grains and textures. It’s a favorite of this flooring contractor.

Light Wood Floors

flooring contractor installs wood floor to contrast with shaker cabinetsWhether it is engineered wood or wood-look tile, light colored wood floors are hot. Move over espresso and make way for blonde floors. Red oak and white oak are both light woods with beautiful grain. Hard maple is expensive, but as the name implies it is hard. Maple is a favorite for Scandinavian designs. Birch and ash are both light, but don’t take stain well. These are the best choices if you want a natural poly finish.  These floors are available in wood or tile.

Grey Floors

Grey continues to be the new white. This color is hot because it is calming. Grey flooring is perfectly at home in a traditional or modern room. It’s great for the kitchen or bathroom because it works and plays well with so many accent colors. Grey is chic and grey is clean and we think it is will be a popular trend for the next 10 years and beyond. Wood-look tiles in grey tones are showing up in more and more Orange County bathrooms. That’s because tile is perfect for the bathroom and grey compliments most all cabinetry. Add on the appeal of a wood appearance and you’ve got a winner for bathrooms.


Geometric patterns aren’t just for back splashes anymore. Chevrons and other patterns have moved from walls and trim down to the flooring. This look has the potential to be fabulously inspired or an incredible eyesore. Make sure the design elements work well with the rest of the interior and stick with neutral tones if you dare. Patterns are perfect when perfectly executed. This tile emblem will look just as stunning in 20 years as it does today.

Flooring Contractor Tips for Selecting Your Floor

With so many options it may be hard to pick. Inspired Remodels recommends that you consider 3 main factors when choosing a floor:

Room Use. First think about how the room is used. Usage determines factors such as durability and ease of care. High usage rooms need a surface that stands up well to foot traffic. Kitchens get messy, kitchen floors need to be easy to clean. Formal areas may not require durable surfaces. A room used by pets needs to be resistant to stains.

Room Location.  Entrance rooms need to combine wow factor and durability. Most dirt, mud and moisture gets deposited on the floors next to exterior doors. In addition, entry areas need to make a statement. Whether it is a cheerful “welcome home” or a grand “welcome to my castle”, flooring plays a starring role in staging entry ways.  Also, consider room exposure. Rooms that face south or west receive the most sunlight. This means more damaging UV rays.

Budget. Flooring costs can add up quickly. Factor in the useful life of the flooring material when evaluating costs. A hardwood floor can be expensive upfront, but can be refinished and last over 50 years with proper care.  Laminate flooring may cost less initially, but has a much shorter life. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of padding if you decide to buck the trends and go with carpet.

Get Inspired Flooring

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Educated Decision – The Inspired Remodels Story

Joe Mueller, local home improvement contractor and President, Inspired Remodels, was featured in a recent article in the California Business Journal. 

Joe’s story is inspiring. After college, all Joe wanted to do was change lives through education. When the economy faltered and he lost his job at a local private school, he decided to change lives by changing people’s living spaces.  Homes in Orange County will never be the same.  The article was based on interviews with Joe and some of Joe’s customers. The writer was clearly impressed with what he heard.

Mueller is the essence of a professional who exudes confidence, experience, integrity, professionalism and trust.

Read more about Joe’s inspiring journey from school teacher to the region’s most sought-after remodeling contractor in this article. See photos from a few of his projects and hear from his customers. Whether you are thinking about making changes to your home or changes in your professional life, Joe’s transformational tale will leave you inspired!

home improvement contractor Joe Mueller featured in Cal Biz Journal

If you are ready for a bathroom, kitchen, or whole house transformation, call (949) 625-6820 to schedule a consultation.


Why Work with a Design Build Remodeling Contractor

If you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any other room in your house it pays to work with a design build remodeling contractor. It is much more efficient, reduces the chances of communication errors and makes for a smoother experience.  Here’s why.

Traditional Model

With the traditional model, you would hire a designer to create your design. This person would work with you to come up with the floor plan, layout, finishes, and fixtures associated with the remodel. They would come up with specifications and turn the job over to you. The designer or planner may or may not be able to make recommendations for a contractor to do the work. They may or may not be willing to manage the work. Commonly, you take the architectural plans and find your contractor and supervise the job. If there is any question about materials or the plan, the contractor lets you know, you check with the designer and then get back with the contractor.

This isn’t the easiest or most efficient way to do the job. But it does give you the benefit of the services of an experienced designer.

Design Build Model

With a design build model, the contractor provides design services. The contractor has a person on staff that works with you to create your design. You sit down with your idea book and the designer listens to how you want to use the space as well as your wants and needs.  The designer then works with you to create a plan that incorporates what you want out of the space with the budget you have established.

Once the designer is finished the plans are turned over to the build portion of the company. The general contractor brings in the necessary materials and subcontractors to do the work. If there is a question about the plan, communication is easy because the contractor and designer are not only on the same team, they work for the same company.

This model reduces homeowner stress. It also improves communication. Design build increases the probability that the job will be completed on time and on budget.

remodeling contractor portfolio

                                                       Sample of Work by Inspired Remodels – Orange County’s Design Build Remodeling Contractor

Work with a Professional Remodeling Contractor

No matter which approach you take, work with a professional remodeling contractor. A professional remodeling contractor knows what permits must be pulled, has relationships with professional tradesmen, carries liability insurance and is licensed by the State of California.

A professional won’t burn you on your kitchen remodel or leave you under water with a bathroom do-over. Most of the horror stories you hear are the result of working with unlicensed contractors, so hire a pro.

Inspired Remodels is Orange County’s Design Build Remodeling ContractorInspired Logo

Get Inspired from Floor to Ceiling

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