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Custom Cabinets Express Your Style

In the kitchen, in the bathroom or in any room of the house, a critical component is the cabinetry. Only custom cabinets give you the widest variety of finishes, doors and hardware that can add subtle beauty or dazzling color. Custom cabinetry gives you the freedom to express your style and Inspired Remodels can turn your dreams into reality.

custom cabinets make best use of kitchen space

                                                  Custom Cabinets Maximize Space

Waypoint, KitchenCraft and Decora Custom Cabinets

These days you don’t need a carpenter to build your custom cabinets on-site. That means custom cabinetry is more affordable than ever before. Major brands such as KitchenCraft, Decora and Waypoint build your cabinetry off-site and then deliver it ready to install.

Whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room your custom cabinets offer more storage solutions than you will find at the big box home improvement stores. Just imagine a room where beauty and function are fused to perfection! Deep roll out trays and base waste basket units keep kitchens and baths organized and clutter-free. Scalloped deep roll out trays and tilt out trays store toiletries and personal care items out of sight, but never more than a fingertip away. Wine storage inserts store wine in the kitchen but are perfect for storing towels in the bathroom. You get the picture!  And if you don’t, a designer from Inspired Remodels can help you with a custom cabinet design that fits your needs and your budget. From Shaker to Farmhouse or Modern or French, there is a cabinet style and finish that expresses your personal style.

Why Custom Cabinets are Better than Stock

If you need special depth or height cabinets, you need custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are prebuilt in standard sizes. Custom cabinetry is only built once the order is placed. This gives you total freedom to get the cabinets you need to fit your space perfectly. You need custom cabinetry if you need:

  • flush toespace
  • matching interior finish
  • extended stiles
  • increased or decreased depth
  • increased or decreased height

In addition, when you go custom you get a greater variety of wood stock, doors, finishes and trims. Stock cabinets aren’t designed to last but a few years; many are made from particle board. Custom cabinets are made from quality materials and will last for many years. Using custom instead of stock just makes sense for your kitchen remodel.

Inspired Cabinetry from Inspired Remodels

When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, bath, laundry room, living space or bathroom contact Inspired Remodels. Our designers will sit down with you to create a new space with the cabinets, finishes, and features you will love for years to come. You’ll get a design that makes the most efficient use of the space. Then, you’ll get execution by skilled professionals that understand and respect that their work space is your home. Jason and Joe Mueller will be more than happy to answer your questions about the design and renovation process.

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A Kitchen Cabinet Contractor Dishes on Picking Kitchen Cabinets

Does the idea of a tax refund this Spring have you thinking of new kitchen cabinets?  New kitchen cabinets breathe life into a tired kitchen.  There are so many options.  Where should you start?  What makes a good cabinet?  Here’s some tips straight from the horse’s (well the kitchen cabinet contractor) mouth.

kitchen cabinet contractor installs semi-customer cabinets

Loving It or Leaving It?

One of the first things to consider is how long you plan to continue living in the house.  If you have no plans to live in the house (for example it is a rental) then you don’t want to purchase highly personalized cabinets customized for your cooking style.  For a rental, you want cabinets that are durable and easy to maintain.

If you plan on selling your home within the next five years, it is crucial that you keep in mind the comparable houses in the neighborhood.  Don’t be shy about attending an open house or two to make sure you don’t pick cabinets that put your kitchen on the high-end or the low-end of comparable homes.

If you plan on living in your home for more than five years, then go ahead and pick the cabinets you will love for the next 10 to 15 years.  Use a layout that works for your cooking style and meets your needs.  Remember, you are creating a work space.

blueprints projectsDetermine Your Layout

You can do it with your kitchen cabinet contractor or sketch it out before your first meeting.  But, you do need to get a rough idea of the layout. Are you keeping your existing layout?  Are the kitchen cabinets coming in as part of an entire kitchen remodel?  You have more latitude with the layout if the new cabinets are part of a complete kitchen remodel.  If that is the case start by marking the location of:

  • doors
  • windows
  • architectural elements
  • major appliances
  • sink

Next mark where electricity and water are located.  Make sure you have the exact dimensions of each element before you start shopping cabinets.  The sink, range, and refrigerator should make a triangle for the most efficient work space.  Now you know how much space you have for cabinetry.

Standard Cabinets

Standard kitchen cabinets fall into three categories:  base, wall, and tall.  Their dimensions are as follows:

Base  Base cabinets sit on a 4″ riser called a toe kick.  They are 24″ deep and 36″ tall.  Some cabinets are available in 27″ depth.

Wall  Wall cabinets are hung on the wall.  They are usually 12″ deep, but some can be as deep as 17″.  These are used for storage of glasses, dishes, and other items.

Tall  These cabinets are used as pantry space or broom closets.  Most tall cabinets are 83 1/2″ tall.

Specialty Cabinets

Specialty cabinets enter the realm of semi-custom.  There are corner cabinets designed to make use of the “dead” space in corners.  Bottle racks and appliance garages provide specialized storage.  Cabinets made to install in front of cook-tops also maximize space.  Specialty cabinets can be constructed as hutches to store dishes or other items.  Baking sheets and racks can be stored in specially made narrow cabinets.

Cabinet Grades

Cabinets come in a variety of grades and prices.  As the quality of the cabinet increases so does the price.  These days you may find the quality and features you need with semi-custom cabinets instead of custom cabinets.

Ready to Assemble.  These are mass produced do-it-yourself kits. They are the least expensive and the least durable.  Options are limited and you need the skills and tools to assemble and install properly.

Stock.  These cabinets arrive presized. They are economical and are available in a wider variety than ready-to-assemble cabinets.  Because they come in fixed sizes, they cannot be altered so they won’t work in all spaces.  Stock cabinets are available in a range of materials from particle board to solid wood. They are a budget-friendly choice for rentals or short-term solutions.

Semi-Custom.  Once you move into semi-custom cabinetry you find many more options.  They are special order cabinets and give you much more variety than stock cabinets.  Generally priced in the mid-range, they offer a personalized look without the cost of custom cabinets. Yes, semi-custom cabinets can be altered! The styles, finishes, and storage options are extensive enough to outfit almost any kitchen.  Inspired Remodels recommends Decora, Kitchen Craft, and Waypoint for the widest range of options.

Custom.  The most expensive option but the most versatile in terms of finishes, sizes, and configurations.  These are one-of-a-kind cabinets that are tailored for your kitchen, your style, and your cooking habits.

specialty cabinets installed by kitchen cabinet contractor

The Kitchen Cabinet Contractor to Use

When you are ready for new kitchen cabinets, use a kitchen cabinet contractor that can offer you a range of options.  Inspired Remodels can translate your style whether it is contemporary or traditional into kitchen cabinets.  If you don’t know where to start; our design-build model will help you step-by-step through the process.  One of our designers will work with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs, your style and your budget.  You’ll see a CADD 3D rendering of the layout and then our crew will make it happen.

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Bathroom Contractor Talks Bathroom Storage

Storage is a big deal when designing a kitchen.  Many homeowners poor over catalogs and scour the net looking for ways to maximize storage in the kitchen.  But when it comes to bathrooms, they don’t give storage much thought.  Well the design and build experts at Inspired Remodels think your bathroom design should look beautiful and function even better than it looks.  That’s why they have so many ways to provide storage in the bathroom.

Cabinets or Vanities for Storage?

Remodeling means learning the design and build lingo.  For instance, do you know the difference between a bathroom cabinet and a bathroom vanity?  Well remember that all vanities are cabinets but not all cabinets are vanities.  Confused?

no clutter

  Cabinet or Vanity? Yes it is!

Vanities are a cabinets topped with a sink.  So, if it has a sink on top; it’s a vanity.  If there is no sink on top; it is a cabinet.  Vanities and cabinets perform several functions.  They hide the plumbing and provide storage.  In the case of a vanity, it also provides a base for the countertop and sink.

Freestanding or Wall Mount Vanity?

Freestanding vanities or cabinets are both very popular.  These vanities can look like furniture or have the traditional look of kitchen-style cabinets.  They go to the floor on all sides, but they may have toe kickouts or may be on furniture-style legs.  Freestanding vanities give you much mores storage space, but can make  a small bathroom look even smaller.


                                      Freestanding Furniture Style Vanity

Wall mount vanities do not go all the way to the floor.  As the name implies, they are mounted directly to the wall.  They require more flooring material, because the floor under the vanity is finished, but the added expanse of flooring tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is.  These style vanities give a modern look to a room, but the trade-off comes with lost storage.

Drawers Doors and Niches

When designing for your bathroom remodel, it’s important to take into consideration the items you want to store in the bathroom.  Talk to your bathroom contractor about your needs for storing towels, toiletries, personal care appliances, and if your bathroom should also have storage for cleaning supplies.

Depending on what you need to store, they can make a recommendation on the correct configuration of cabinets with interior shelves and doors and cabinets with drawers.  For many items, storage in a deep drawer is not practical.  Bath towels and toilet paper for example aren’t well suited for storage in drawers.  Bath salts, cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, and many more items are better suited for drawers.

Inspired Remodels believes that with a little forward thinking, function can be beautiful.  For example, in this bathroom, the makeup mirror was attached to the wall negating the need for storage.

Bathroom contractor mounts makeup mirror on wall to maximize use of space

In addition, the mirrors are on hinged and hide additional storage.

This shower stool not only provides a safe, stable place to sit and shower, it doubles as storage of personal care products as well.



Showers can include niches for storage as well.  Bath soap, shampoo, conditioner can all be kept at the tip of your fingers.

bathroom contractor incorporates storage in the shower with niches

Custom cabinets can be designed to fit just about any wall space.  You just need a bathroom contractor that is also a creative designer.


The Designing Bathroom Contractor

Inspired Remodels is the Orange County bathroom contractor that is a full service design and remodel firm.  When you hire Inspired Remodels for your bathroom, kitchen, or whole house remodel you get a full service contractor.  From the initial design to the final touch, Inspired Remodels will be with you every step of a way.

As a licensed, insured, and bonded general contractor Inspired Remodels can handle all facets of your bathroom remodel.  You bring the ideas and we bring them to life.  Need some inspiration?  Check out our portfolio of bathroom remodels.

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