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Shower Remodeling Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your shower remodeling project? Pinterest is great for gathering ideas. But, it doesn’t hurt to get a little inspiration from experts at bathroom remodeling. Inspired Remodels turns remodeling dreams into reality. Here’s a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Tuck It Away

Storage is always a problem in any niche added in shower remodeling projectsmall room. It poses a real problem in a small bathroom. Use the space in the shower to add storage. Niches are nifty. Niches keep personal grooming products where you need them; in the shower at your fingertips!

Niches are a great opportunity to add flair to the shower too. That’s why your shower remodeling project should include niches. Use contrasting tile in the niche or continue the existing tile pattern. The choice is yours.

The depth of the niche should be 3 1/2 inches. This corresponds with the size of the underlying studs. The length of the niche can be 12 inches to also correspond to the studs. Niche height varies. If you put your niche from 48″ to 60″ from the shower floor, it will be a handy height for most people.


Wonderful Windows

window and niche in shower remodeling projectDon’t be afraid of windows in the shower. Windows provide ventilation. In addition, they bring in additional light. Light is always important to making a small space look larger. A window may be just what your shower remodeling project needs to make the room light and bright. Set the top of the windows 80″ from the shower floor. Frosted glass provides privacy while still letting light in the room.

Seat or Bench

Include a seat or bench in your shower. It’s handy for shaving and makes showering for the elderly or disabled much safer and easier. It’s a perch for enjoying a handheld shower and doubles as extra storage area. 

Put your bench in a corner or on the wall opposite of the showerhead. Tile it with contrasting or complementing surfaces. A shower seat or bench is another way to express your decorating style in your shower remodel while adding utility.

Shower Remodeling Experts

When it’s time to update the bathroom, it’s time to call Inspired Remodels. Spend some time with our portfolio of bathroom remodeling projects.  You’re sure to find inspiration. We are design/build remodeling professionals. From the initial design to the finished room, Inspired Remodels takes care of all aspects of your project.  Call (949) 625-6820 to schedule your consultation today.


Kitchen Contractor Shares Signs of a Cook’s Kitchen

It’s almost Thanksgiving and cooks around the country will be heading to the kitchen to prepare the annual feast. A cook’s kitchen is a workspace. Whether it’s a small galley or a spacious open area, it’s a studio for an artist and the medium is food. A kitchen that’s designed for cooking maximizes the space available and is built with efficiency in mind. As you work in your kitchen this holiday season, evaluate your space and see if your kitchen is a cook’s kitchen. According to Inspired Remodels, an Orange County kitchen contractor, these are the signs of a cook’s kitchen.

custom cabinets make best use of kitchen space

Don’t Waste Steps

Think about how the space will be used and design accordingly. The cook can grab a quick drink of water when drinking glasses are stored in cabinets next to the sink. Bakers shouldn’t have to walk across the kitchen for a sheet pan or baking tray. Provide storage for these items next to the oven. Install cabinets for dishware and flatware close to the eating area to make setting the table easy or close to the dishwasher to make unloading and stowing easier. Hang a magnetic strip next to the main workspace and store knives safely. Hanging your knives will help keep them sharp.  Of course, the kitchen work triangle is still the base upon which all efficient kitchen designs are built.

a savvy kitchen contractor knows to incorporate pull out step stools in their designUse the Right Height

A cook’s kitchen takes into account the height of the cook. No, we’re not suggesting that the countertops, cabinets, and microwave be custom built to the exact height of the cook. But, if the cook isn’t the average size, the kitchen shouldn’t be either. Raising or lowering countertops will make it much easier for an extremely tall or short person to work in the kitchen. Also, keep in mind if kid’s will be using the kitchen on a regular basis.  A microwave that’s installed the standard 15 inches above countertop may not be safe for use by kids. A below countertop model make much more sense if kids are regular cooks in the kitchen. A step-stool built into the toeplate of a cabinet is a great way to get kids up to countertop height.

Functional Islands

An island in the kitchen can provide extra workspace and a place to eat. But a skilled kitchen contractor knows it shouldn’t do both. Decide whether you want the primary purpose of the island be to additional eating space or working space. You should not place seating at an island with a cooktop.

kitchen remodel planner tool creates workable design


Cooks need a place to work. That means more counter space. Most cooks want this extra space to be between the cooktop/oven and the sink. Occasional cooks who prepare simple meals don’t want or need as much counter space on which to work. An island without a cooktop can double as workspace and eating space if positioned properly in the work triangle.

Use Cleanable Surfaces

A cook’s mess doesn’t linger. Cooks want surfaces that are easy to clean. Undermount sinks don’t provide a place for crumbs to hide.  Smudge-free surfaces on appliances hide fingerprints and matte surfaces don’t show grime as much as glossy ones. Matte surfaces are great for floors. Quartz is an easier care surface than granite and concrete resists heat damage. Solid shelves in the pantry and refrigerator are easier to clean and help keep spills contained.

Let the Light In

Use task lighting to enhance overhead lighting. Light colors make spaces appear larger and dark colors shrink space. Soft shades for the cabinetry visually expands a small room. Shaker and French farm house looks are popular because they can make even the darkest corner look light and bright.

Inspired Remodels – the Kitchen Contractor that Knows Cooking

When you are ready to step up your game and create a kitchen for cooking, contact Inspired Remodels. Inspired Remodels is the kitchen contractor that knows cooking. From designs that combine function and beauty to making the most of the room you have, Jason and Joe Mueller can create the kitchen of your dreams. When you’re ready to start cooking, call Inspired Remodels at (949) 625-6820 to schedule your consultation.






A Kitchen Renovation to Make You Thankful

Any renovation project is a major disruption. But a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation can make simple day-to-day activities even more difficult. But all those dinners of microwaved soup will be worth it if the project brings you a kitchen that is functional and beautiful. Now that’s a kitchen renovation to make you thankful. To make sure that’s why you get, follow these guidelines.

Pick the Right Kitchen Renovation Partner

To end up with the right kitchen, you’ve got to start with the right partner. You need a kitchen renovation expert that knows how to convert your dreams to reality. A kitchen is just more than a collection of appliances and cabinets. A kitchen includes all construction elements. You’ve got plumbing, electrical, drywall, HVAC, and flooring as well as cabinetry.

Changing the kitchen could mean changing the plumbing. The right renovation partner considers all the pieces that must come together to create the kitchen you want. When budget is a concern, that’s important. Pick Inspired Remodels as your partner.

kitchen renovation succes starts with a solid plan

Approve a Workable Design

Your renovation must start with a plan. Make sure the design you approve is a workable design. Kitchens are work spaces. The most efficient designs are based on the kitchen triangle. The refrigerator, sink, and stove are essential to cooking. Place these items in a triangle and the cook moves efficiently between the essentials.  Include storage for the most used items in easily accessible places.

Work with a design/build contractor and make the kitchen renovation process easier. A contractor like Inspired Remodels not only creates a workable design, they execute the design as well. That’s one less headache for you.

Utilize Easy Care Finishes

Unless you want to spend as much time cleaning as you do cooking, pick easy care finishes. Do you pine for granite countertops? Did you know that quartz is easier to maintain?  Tile makes a lovely backsplash, but do you want to scrub grout?

Talk with your kitchen renovation specialist during the design phase to pick out finishes that are not only lovely and durable but are easy to maintain.

Once you’ve selected your design and finishes, then set up your temporary kitchen in another area. Use disposables, small appliances, and practice patience. The end product will be well worth the disruption.

Celebrate with A Party

Once the work is complete, invite friends over. You’ll be thankful that entertaining and cooking is so easy in your new kitchen. Picking the right partner and relying on their expertise in design pays off in a workable kitchen. You’ll have a kitchen that’s great for cooking and easy to clean when you’re done. Call (949) 625-6820 or Contact Us today and schedule a consultation.

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