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Orange County Flooring Contractor Talks Flooring Trends 2017

Flooring trends don’t move at the speed of other interior design trends. But flooring does have trends. Inspired Remodels, Orange County’s go-to flooring contractor shares current flooring trends and a peek to the future.

What’s Hot

Orange County still loves hard surface flooring. It’s perfect for our active lifestyles. So, don’t expect to read about carpet here. But trends in hard flooring are changing.

flooring contractor uses wood-look tiles in bathroomWood Look Floors

First there was tile, then there was wood. The hottest trend in flooring is tile that looks like wood. You get the durability of porcelain and the beauty of wood. Wood look tile is easy care and comes in a wide variety of colors, grains and textures. It’s a favorite of this flooring contractor.

Light Wood Floors

flooring contractor installs wood floor to contrast with shaker cabinetsWhether it is engineered wood or wood-look tile, light colored wood floors are hot. Move over espresso and make way for blonde floors. Red oak and white oak are both light woods with beautiful grain. Hard maple is expensive, but as the name implies it is hard. Maple is a favorite for Scandinavian designs. Birch and ash are both light, but don’t take stain well. These are the best choices if you want a natural poly finish.  These floors are available in wood or tile.

Grey Floors

Grey continues to be the new white. This color is hot because it is calming. Grey flooring is perfectly at home in a traditional or modern room. It’s great for the kitchen or bathroom because it works and plays well with so many accent colors. Grey is chic and grey is clean and we think it is will be a popular trend for the next 10 years and beyond. Wood-look tiles in grey tones are showing up in more and more Orange County bathrooms. That’s because tile is perfect for the bathroom and grey compliments most all cabinetry. Add on the appeal of a wood appearance and you’ve got a winner for bathrooms.


Geometric patterns aren’t just for back splashes anymore. Chevrons and other patterns have moved from walls and trim down to the flooring. This look has the potential to be fabulously inspired or an incredible eyesore. Make sure the design elements work well with the rest of the interior and stick with neutral tones if you dare. Patterns are perfect when perfectly executed. This tile emblem will look just as stunning in 20 years as it does today.

Flooring Contractor Tips for Selecting Your Floor

With so many options it may be hard to pick. Inspired Remodels recommends that you consider 3 main factors when choosing a floor:

Room Use. First think about how the room is used. Usage determines factors such as durability and ease of care. High usage rooms need a surface that stands up well to foot traffic. Kitchens get messy, kitchen floors need to be easy to clean. Formal areas may not require durable surfaces. A room used by pets needs to be resistant to stains.

Room Location.  Entrance rooms need to combine wow factor and durability. Most dirt, mud and moisture gets deposited on the floors next to exterior doors. In addition, entry areas need to make a statement. Whether it is a cheerful “welcome home” or a grand “welcome to my castle”, flooring plays a starring role in staging entry ways.  Also, consider room exposure. Rooms that face south or west receive the most sunlight. This means more damaging UV rays.

Budget. Flooring costs can add up quickly. Factor in the useful life of the flooring material when evaluating costs. A hardwood floor can be expensive upfront, but can be refinished and last over 50 years with proper care.  Laminate flooring may cost less initially, but has a much shorter life. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of padding if you decide to buck the trends and go with carpet.

Get Inspired Flooring

For inspired flooring designs, talk to Inspired Remodels. View our inspired flooring portfolio to see what’s possible and then Contact Us on-line or call (949) 625-6820 and talk to Jason and Joe Mueller.





Custom Cabinets Express Your Style

In the kitchen, in the bathroom or in any room of the house, a critical component is the cabinetry. Only custom cabinets give you the widest variety of finishes, doors and hardware that can add subtle beauty or dazzling color. Custom cabinetry gives you the freedom to express your style and Inspired Remodels can turn your dreams into reality.

custom cabinets make best use of kitchen space

                                                  Custom Cabinets Maximize Space

Waypoint, KitchenCraft and Decora Custom Cabinets

These days you don’t need a carpenter to build your custom cabinets on-site. That means custom cabinetry is more affordable than ever before. Major brands such as KitchenCraft, Decora and Waypoint build your cabinetry off-site and then deliver it ready to install.

Whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room your custom cabinets offer more storage solutions than you will find at the big box home improvement stores. Just imagine a room where beauty and function are fused to perfection! Deep roll out trays and base waste basket units keep kitchens and baths organized and clutter-free. Scalloped deep roll out trays and tilt out trays store toiletries and personal care items out of sight, but never more than a fingertip away. Wine storage inserts store wine in the kitchen but are perfect for storing towels in the bathroom. You get the picture!  And if you don’t, a designer from Inspired Remodels can help you with a custom cabinet design that fits your needs and your budget. From Shaker to Farmhouse or Modern or French, there is a cabinet style and finish that expresses your personal style.

Why Custom Cabinets are Better than Stock

If you need special depth or height cabinets, you need custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are prebuilt in standard sizes. Custom cabinetry is only built once the order is placed. This gives you total freedom to get the cabinets you need to fit your space perfectly. You need custom cabinetry if you need:

  • flush toespace
  • matching interior finish
  • extended stiles
  • increased or decreased depth
  • increased or decreased height

In addition, when you go custom you get a greater variety of wood stock, doors, finishes and trims. Stock cabinets aren’t designed to last but a few years; many are made from particle board. Custom cabinets are made from quality materials and will last for many years. Using custom instead of stock just makes sense for your kitchen remodel.

Inspired Cabinetry from Inspired Remodels

When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, bath, laundry room, living space or bathroom contact Inspired Remodels. Our designers will sit down with you to create a new space with the cabinets, finishes, and features you will love for years to come. You’ll get a design that makes the most efficient use of the space. Then, you’ll get execution by skilled professionals that understand and respect that their work space is your home. Jason and Joe Mueller will be more than happy to answer your questions about the design and renovation process.

Call (949) 625-6820 or use the handy on-line Contact Form to schedule your appointment today.



Bathroom Designers Tips for a Spa-Like Bathroom

You don’t have to go to the spa to experience a spa-like retreat. If you follow these five tips by bathroom designers, you can have a spa at home.

FlooOrange County bathroom designers use faux wood ceramic tile to give warmth to bathroomsrs with Warmth

Spas are relaxing because they appeal to all of your senses. Achieve the yin yang of relaxing warmth and coolness with wood-like flooring.  Wood provides warm visual appeal, but it’s not practical for wet areas. Porcelain and ceramic tile that looks like hardwood is the answer. You get the look and feel of hardwood with the ease of maintenance of tile. It resists moisture, scratching and scuffing. It’s perfect for the bathroom. The tile can have a traditional tile surface or a woodgrain finish.

But that’s just the start. Use underfloor heating to keep bathroom chill at bay. Your toesies will be toasty with heated floors. Heating can be applied as part of a new floor or can be applied between floor joists to existing floors. It’s cost effective too. Just heat the bathroom when it’s in use.

Thirsty Towels

Be sure to set out plenty of towels. Don’t use just any towel. Splurge on high absorbency towels that dry fast. Eco Dry towels by Welspun are plush and wick water away from your skin then dry quickly on the towel bar. Dermatologists recommend you pat skin dry without rubbing. Eco Dry towels are perfect. For even more luxury, place towels on a towel warmer.

Frameless Shower Doors

bathroom designers and homeowners love frameless shower doorsEven the smallest spa appears spacious through judicious use of light and glass. You can make your bathroom look larger using the same tricks. So, ditch traditional shower doors (and the hassle of keeping sliding door tracks clean) and forgo shower curtains. Get frameless glass shower doors. Extends the shower seamlessly to the rest of the bathroom.  Look how this bathroom looks larger by the use of a frameless door.

Rainshower Heads

 Simulate the feel of showering in a rainstorm. Install a rain shower style showerhead. These heads are mounted on the wall or the ceiling. Water falls from overhead instead of a more vertical direction. You can get one the size of a dinner plate or a model with a removable handheld shower.  Most models have multiple settings from a gentle shower to an invigorating pulse.

Soaking Tub

A soaking tub can be the ultimate spa indulgence in your bathroom. When shopping, decide what features are important to you. Are arm rests or foot rests key?  Do you want contours? Don’t be shy about sitting in a tub in the showroom (dressed of course) to make sure the size is right. Speaking of size, make sure your hot water heater has capacity to fill the tub. Acrylic tubs are less expensive but cast iron stays warm longer.

Bathroom Designers Turning Dreams into Reality

When you are ready to turn your dream of a spa bathroom into reality, contact Inspired Remodels of Orange County. You’ll get the services of more than just a bathroom designer. You’ll get complete design and build services. Your bathroom designers are your bathroom contractors when you work with Inspired Remodels.  Call (949) 625-6820 or Contact Us online to schedule your consultation.




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